Designer Logos: The Story Behind 4 of the World’s Favorite Fashion Symbols

Designer Logos: The Story Behind 4 of the World’s Favorite Fashion Symbols

Is it possible to convey the vision and value of a complex brand in just a fraction of a second? That’s the power of a logo.

The world’s most elite fashion empires all use logos to capture attention and signal their status. You can see logos everywhere, and the best logos become instantly recognizable and generate further engagement for the brand.

Have you ever wondered what goes into the design of an epic fashion logo?

The most iconic logos are simple, but deceptively so. They need to be distinct enough and interesting enough to stand out, but also minimal enough to be recognized at first glance. A great logo not only has to make a powerful first impression, it also must have the staying power of an icon that will drive forward the legacy of a brand.

If you’re curious, here’s the story behind the design of 4 of the world’s most popular fashion logos:

1. Chanel

The House of Chanel has one of the world’s most well-known brand images: the interlocking double C’s. The logo is an homage to founder Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, better known to the world by her nickname “Coco.” 

Coco designed the logo in  1925 after the Chanel brand had already been in existence for almost 15 years. She never revealed exactly why or what inspired the design, and over the years several theories have arisen. Some of the most popular include:

  • Chanel and Capel – Coco’s lover, Arthur “Boy” Capel, is claimed to have been her muse. The iconic Boy bag by Chanel is said to have been inspired by their love. Perhaps this is also the reason behind interlocking C’s?
  • Chateau de Cremat – Coco spent a lot of time at this friend’s estate, which boasts stained glass windows with interlocking C’s. Perhaps this design influenced her creative process?
  • Aubazine Chapel – The orphanage where Coco grew up was connected with this chapel, which also featured abstract, interlaced design patterns like the double C’s. Perhaps this sparked her logo design idea?

2. Louis Vuitton

One of the most recognized luxury brands in the world is Louis Vuitton, which showcases its LV logo design across a variety of items from clothing to shoes to purses to suitcases. 

This logo was designed in 1892 by Georges Vuitton, son of Louis, to honor his father after he passed away. Before Marc Jacobs came to oversee the brand in 1997, the full Louis Vuitton name would typically appear under the symbol, but now both elements are seen used singly or together in a variety of ways.

The classic LV logo was in black, but in another appeal to modern tastes and sensibilities, the brand now showcases its logo in a variety of colors.

3. Christian Louboutin

The Christian Louboutin brand is probably best known for its iconic red-soled shoes. The story goes that in 1992 Louboutin was developing a new shoe design but felt something was missing…he noticed an assistant painting her nails red and had the spark of inspiration to transform the shoe’s plain black sole. 

As for the Louboutin logo, it too has undergone a transformation. The original logo was designed in just a plain black font, but now it incorporates a red circle with white lettering that stands out. The “C” in Christian arches down to form the “L” of Louboutin, a design said to mimic the high arch of his iconic heels.

4. Gucci

Synonymous with luxury, Gucci itself has become a symbol.

The Gucci logo was designed in 1933 by founder Gucci Gucci’s son Aldo, who devised a double G logo to honor his father. His idea was to create a design where the letters formed a clear new shape but could also be read as the two G’s.

What other designer logos are you curious about? Tell us your favorite logo of all time.

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